Random Runner

The Random Runner fruitmachine, a trusted name in the world of gambling machines, is a slot from Stakelogic. This casino slot starts with the basic game and has 3 reels and 1 payline. If you have 4 or more credits in the winbank, you come automaticly into the bonus game. The Random Runner has in the top game 5 paylines. You can play this video slot online for free or with real money. Try your luck, play at this slot, it is highly recommended.
These reels feature special double symbols that display both FRUIT and a STAR on the same symbol. A combination of any 3 FRUIT/STAR symbols on a win line awards a special STAR prize. These special FRUIT/STAR symbols can also complete a winning combination with regular FRUIT symbols when the fruits match. Mixed STAR and FRUIT combinations award the value of 3 FRUIT symbols. For example: ORANGE-STAR/ ORANGE / ORANGE makes a winning combination that awards the same value as an ORANGE / ORANGE / ORANGE winning combination.